Roll: Windows platform administrator
Stationeringsort: Lund
Omfattning: 100%
Uppdragsperiod: Start senast januari – 3 månader från uppdragsstart

ESS i Lund avropar en konsult för systemadministration av windowsplattform. Det är viktigt att konsulten har tidigare erfarenhet av liknande roll och han kunskap om inom Windows platform, Intune och Cystem Center och paketering. Se nedan för mer info om uppdraget.

Description of directorate/division

The main responsibilities of the Information Technology division is to maintain, improve, advise and lead the work on the IT platform to meet the need of the project both today and tomorrow. Mission of the team is a stable and accessible IT platform, with the key drivers of being open, excellent and collaborative. The goal of operation is to make everyone able to get the tools they need and to provide high quality service and support.

Description of main tasks

Complete the migration from Microsoft Intune to System Center 2012
Application packaging – today we only have a subset of our portfolio available as packaged services.
Expand our supported hardware platform and ensure documentation
Monitoring/Maintenance of Windows server based applications
Improve our Remote Desktop Services offering
Documentation for Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of affected services

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