Business Unit: Ergonomics & Driver Interface
Start: 2018-01-22
End: 2019-01-31
Hours per week: 40
Role: Feature leader B / Level 4 (10 years experience)
Lead the feature within a major project, start-cost project, or have the responsibility of several features in a smaller project. Manage multiple technology areas for the respective feature in the project.
They need a Driver Interface Features Leader, other companies could call this job role for Attribute leader or maybe the person is an Interface Designer or User experience (UX) specialist. 
They are looking for a self-driven, engaged and positive person to join their team to be the customer’s voice within the Volvo Group Trucks Technology organization. The person should be part of setting the goals for their new trucks to secure the BEST truck in the world with superior driver experience. The position should lead and drive Volvo Truck development of driver interfaces and together with the team set the road map for the future.
At the Ergonomic and Driver Interface group we meet the customers and break down their needs and expectations to measurable requirements. Using new technology possibilities we strive to give our customers a truck that surpasses their expectations. Join us in an intriguing journey both in technology development and evolution of transportation solutions.
The main objective for a Driver Interface Leader is to understand our customers, their way of working and needs in daily work connected to Human Machine Interface (HMI). The person will meet end customers in interviews, test and validations, will share expertise across departments inside Volvo and together with cross-functional agile teams work to find the best solutions.
Required Qualifications
  • Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Documented experience on at least 3 years of UX development / Interface design
  • Good technical writing and presentation skills
  • Fluent in English written and spoken
  • Understanding of software development workflow and process could be beneficial
  • Benifical is also to have worked in Agil teams or Safe
  • Benifical is to have worked with in AB Volvo GTT organsisation or other Automotive development.
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