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Job Posting ID: VOLGJP00006177
Job Posting Title: SWE|Product Development Project Manager B|Level 3
Description: The PWTI Component and System group has a wide range of components within our scope of responsibility e.g. air intake system, cooling of the engine, installation of cooling package and expansion tanks, recirculation shields, fan shroud, fan ring, oil fill and check, pipes and hoses, gearshift cables, noise shields, heat shields etc.

The team consists of 11 highly skilled engineers with a great team spirit, We are a diverse team with several nationalities, wide range in age and 45% women. We use English as our company language so there is no demand for speaking Swedish but a high demand for English skills, both in communication and writing.

The open position in the group is for a senior consultant that will work as a Cross functional project coordinator supporting the product owners, ETL (engineering task leaders) and Group manager
– Keep track on all project milestones for the team
– Support the ETL to build time plans, cross functional anchoring and follow up progress
– Drive maintenance quality work as handler for F-protus (factory related)
– Quality follow up with PQL. product quality leader
– Etc.

The person should have previous Volvo experience and good knowledge in project work internally Volvo. Good knowledge of the technical area would be very good but a passionate technical interest is a requirement. The role is new for our team so the person will be able to form the content and wow.

Most welcome with your application, the sooner the better.

Best regards,
Lisa Bäckman
Job Posting Start Date: 2018-12-03
Job Posting End Date: 2019-12-31
Business Unit: PWTI-Components & Systems BF74250
Geography: Göteborg
Job Area: Project Management
Job Family: Product Development Project Manager
Job Level: Level 3
Price: 797SEK

If interested, please send an English CV, your requested price and a short summary of skills, also if the candidate has been working at Volvo before and in that case, which company. Also availability date.

What we also need is the candidate’s City of birth, day and month. (needed to make an ID for the candidate as a job-seeker in Volvos VMS Fieldglass)

To be sent to uppdrag@levigo.se