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Job Posting ID: VOLGJP00006171
Job Posting Title: SWE|Embedded Software Product Owner|Level 3
Description: Scrum Master/Agile Coach

We are looking for a Scrum Master/Agile Coach to join our Embedded Software Team within Aftermarket Technology in Gothenburg. The Embedded Software team is a global cluster with the responsibility of securing aftermarket software solutions for all Truck Brands (and partly for Volvo Bus). We achieve this by releasing software in the aftermarket and delivering software conversion kits (accessories, campaign, and service). We participate to start cost projects, product modification requests, quality journals and handle third line customer support cases.
We have taken the decision to move to agile way of working and later on to integrate the team in the SAFe framework. We are therefore looking for an experienced Scrum Master.

Main responsibilities
– Lead and coach the organization in the adoption of Scrum;
– Plan Scrum implementation within the organization;
– Ensure the Product Owner knows how to arrange the Product Backlog to maximize value;
– Ensure that goals, scope, and product domain are understood by everyone on the Scrum Team as well as possible;
– Help the Scrum Team understand the need for clear and concise Product Backlog items;
– Understand and practice agility;
– Facilitate Scrum events as requested or needed;
– Define sprint for the team and contribute to PI planning;
– Coach the Development Team in self-organization and cross-functionality;
– Help the Development Team to create high-value products;
– Remove impediments to the Development Team’s progress;
– Support in developing processes, methods, tools and standards.

Qualifications and skills
• Master of Science in Software Engineering and/or Computer Science
• Experience from ESW development and process, preferably within Automotive
• Minimum 5 years’ experience with agile methods (SCRUM, KANBAN, SAFe)
• Skilled in systems such as JIRA and Confluence
• Previous experience of the Volvo systems as KOLA, Software Configurator and GLOPPS is a merit
• Fluent in English, verbally and written
Our first concern is to make our customers succeed so we are looking for a business and customer oriented person who shares our passion. You should have excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a global and cross functional organization. We believe in the strength of continuous improvement and for this reason we search someone who has excellent analytical skills and strong problem solving mindset. We expect a flexible team player who is able to adapt to new situations and constantly changing environment.

About Aftermarket Technology
Aftermarket Technology is a function within Complete Vehicle (GTT) that works with focus on the customer success. The function is global with staff and offices in six of Volvo Group Truck Technologies main sites. This is to secure a close collaboration with Product Development and visibility within the product development projects.
With focus on the customer success Aftermarket Technology works with the future technologies, not only to secure the best features for our trucks, but also with the focus on the success of our dealers. It is a tight competition for the dealers where focus on uptime and parts sales provides a major of their profit. This puts a pressure on the tools and services provided by the Volvo group to support the dealers in their daily contact with the users of our products.
Job Posting Start Date: 2018-11-05
Job Posting End Date: 2019-11-05
Business Unit: Product and Quality Management BF58270
Geography: Göteborg
Job Area: Electrical & Electronics
Job Family: ESW Integration Engineering
Job Level: Level 3
Price: 726SEK

If interested, please send an English CV, your requested price and a short summary of skills, also if the candidate has been working at Volvo before and in that case, which company. Also availability date.

What we also need is the candidate’s City of birth, day and month. (needed to make an ID for the candidate as a job-seeker in Volvos VMS Fieldglass)

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