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Job Posting ID: VOLGJP00006276
Job Posting Title: SWE|System Design Engineer|Level 2
Description: Design electrical and electronics systems by identifying the purpose and aim of the system. the component interface. and system behaviors.
Job Posting Start Date: 2018-10-29
Job Posting End Date: 2018-12-31
Business Unit: Electromobility Components BF68300
Geography: Göteborg
Job Area: Electrical & Electronics
Job Family: System Engineering
Job Level: Level 2
Price: 587SEK

If interested, please send an English CV, your requested price and a short summary of skills, also if the candidate has been working at Volvo before and in that case, which company. Also availability date.

What we also need is the candidate’s City of birth, day and month. (needed to make an ID for the candidate as a job-seeker in Volvos VMS Fieldglass)

To be sent to uppdrag@levigo.se