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Job Posting ID: VOLGJP00006637
Job Posting Title: SWE|Spare Parts Editor|Level 1
Description: Spare Part Information Editor

Spare Part Information Editor

The mission is to (a) provide high quality spare part information in an easily read and searched structure in order to enable the end user to find the wanted information, (b) co-ordinate the editing activities performed by supplier.

Role description
To create Spare Parts Information and provide high quality chassis unique information by:
• Produce parts catalogue
• Produce spare parts information in a user friendly and searchable structure
• Produce line art illustration – using virtual information, output from Spare Parts Engineering and Product Development
• Co-ordinate, follow up and quality check editing activities performed by supplier

Main part of the deliveries is produced by supplier why co-ordinating skills are required. Requests are prepared and sent to supplier then need to be monitored to make sure deliveries are returned in time to meet deadlines. As quality control is done by the spare part editor very good knowledge about the process, systems and way of working is needed.

• Individual responsibility for the logical construction of spare parts information following the Spare Parts Information Policy and decided structure.

• Automotive technical knowledge preferably in combination with practical experience
• PC literate
• Corel Draw (or similar illustration application)
• Experience with virtual tools, converting files from Catia to Composer (edit, explode and generate files for Corel Draw)
• Open minded/ good communicator for cross-cultural interaction
• Precise, structured
• English, both written and spoken
• Knowledge regarding instructions and processes for edition of spare parts catalogue
• Knowledge about KOLA logic
• Ability to understand and adapt different inputs to the different projects/topics
• End user knowledge of parts information is considered as a merit
• Multitasker

• Produce informative and visually oriented Spare Parts Information in order to contribute to the parts sale and support the end user needs for correct parts information
• Produce and follow the Spare Part Information decided processes, guidelines and work instructions
• Challenge improvement in the processes
• Use product development information and 3D data available to create a harmonized and cost effective spare part information production
• Verify the possibility of re-usage of previous illustrations
• Maintain existing spare part information based on input from end user feedback, customer cases (ARGUS cases), running designed changes and other maintenance activities
• Reuse information and illustrations to support a harmonized and cost effective spare part information production
• Order, quality assure and follow up the production of spare parts information done by supplier
Job Posting Start Date: 2018-11-19
Job Posting End Date: 2019-11-18
Business Unit: Spare Part Engineering & Information CD17630
Geography: Göteborg
Job Area: Mechanical
Job Family: Product Structure
Job Level: Level 1
Price: 338SEK

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