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Job Posting ID:   VOLVJP00016719
Job Posting Title:   Architect Management Specialist level 4
Description:   Solution Architect

At Volvo Cars, we are making bold digital visions come true. We aim to lead in the automotive world by creating a digital ecosystem built around making our customers’ lives less complicated. Now we are looking for solution architects that fits the profile below.

Typical tasks:
– Communicate, educate and govern that Target/Reference architecture and roadmaps for the domain are followed
– Create plans and project proposals to drive change in the domain related to architecture and IT landscape
– Support risk analysis and life cycle management for the domain part of the asset portfolios
– Develop new solutions (investigation, analysis, design, PoC, etc.)
– Assess and validate solution architectures
–  Identify and map existing solutions
– Plan the realization of solutions
–  Reuse of functionality
–   Translating process- and information architecture into technical solutions
–  Training in specific solution areas

Key deliverables:
–  Solution architecture documentation
– Conceptual models
– Integration strategies
– Information- and datamodels
– Scenario descriptions
–  Cost estimation of technical solutions

– Realization of solutions is in accordance with operational requirements
– A stable solution architecture that realizes the system’s functional requirements and quality attributes
– That architecture principles are followed
– Ensures that technical solutions are manageble by the organization
–  Implementation of architecture audits

Competence Requirements

– Strong business understanding, being in tune with business and knowing the domain.
– Strong knowledge from software development
– Business Process knowledge and awareness, understanding the Business facing IT services
– Knowing the importance of Business Information and Information Security
–  Understanding the capabilities within the domain
– A sense for Business Innovation and Business Technology
– Knowledge about the digital area and understanding the opportunities with digitalisation
– Financial acumen, basic knowledge of financial models for IT organisations
– Complete/broad understanding of IT, i.e. generic knowledge of applications, technology and other IT components

– Ability to apply a holistic view and big thinking, yet being able to solve complex architectural challenges
– Leadership skills, be able to act as a leader and take decisions based on professional acceptance and personal courage
– Strong communication and presentation skills
–  Problem Solving skills, be able to evaluate and solve a set of complex and unique problems
– Negotiation skills, be able to negotiate at the decision-making table to get things accomplished
– Extensive modeling knowledge
– Deep technical expertise
– Overall knowledge in IT and technology
– Specialization in fields like data modeling, services orientation, infrastructure etc.
– Architecture assessments
– Good leadership skills
– Knowledge in the development process
– Good communication skills

– Seniority in developing Target Architectures in relevant business and IT environments, together with a substantial business acumen related to the domain
– Overall technical breadth
– Experience from complex global environments
– Experienced in managing stakeholders on senior and top management level
– Established in networks related to the area of Architecture
– Working knowledge of more than one Architecture design method and framework

– A natural sense for relationship building and able to build the right formal and informal networks
– Team building and team player oriented yet self-driven and able to deliver in a self-mannered way
– Visionary and motivational, yet persistence, with ability to inspire and influence a large mass and a great set of ideals in the enterprise
– Customer oriented in every aspect

Coordinator:   VCM Business Services
Job Posting Start Date:   2018-11-05
Job Posting End Date:   2019-10-31
Business Unit:   Architectural Services
Site:   Göteborg

If interested, please send an English CV, your requested price and a short summary of skills, also if the candidate has been working at Volvo before and in that case, which company. Also availability date.

What we also need is the candidate’s City of birth, day and month. (needed to make an ID for the candidate as a job-seeker in Volvos VMS Fieldglass)

To be sent to uppdrag@levigo.se