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Job Posting ID:   VOLGJP00006881
Job Posting Title:   SWE|Certification & Compliance Engineer B|Level 2
Description:   Label support

We have one responsible for labels but now he needs support.
Labels are very important when we have an engine that is certified. The label is a legal “document” that is attached to the engine. Content, material, how it is attached on the engine is controlled in legislations all over the world.
It is also important that the engine have the correct label. We control that via our sales structure and different sales modules.
The task requires interaction with many contact areas within the company: factories that print labels, projects when drawing new labels and make the sales structure and sales people when new labels are required in the aftermarket.

To be able to handle this we believe that you have experiences of Volvo systems like:
•       KOLA
•       SOX-list
•       ARGUS
•       GLS (Global Labling System)
•       NiceLabel

You have to be very structured and good at handling many tasks at the same time.

Can be some traveling but not much.
Job Posting Start Date:   2019-01-14
Job Posting End Date:   2019-12-31
Business Unit:   Emission Compliance CB82900
Geography:   Göteborg
Job Area:   Mechanical
Contact Info:   hanna.osterlindh@volvo.com
Job Family:   Feature & Requirement
Job Level:   Level 2
Price: 587 SEK

If interested, please send an English CV, your requested price and a short summary of skills, also if the candidate has been working at Volvo before and in that case, which company. Also availability date.

What we also need is the candidate’s City of birth, day and month. (needed to make an ID for the candidate as a job-seeker in Volvos VMS Fieldglass)

To be sent to uppdrag@levigo.se