Roll: Solutions Architect – Senior
Start: 2018-02-25
Slut: 2018-03-18 (möjlighet till förlängning)
Omfattning: 100%
Ort: Malmö (5% resor till Köpenhamnskontoret)
Affärsområde: Informatini Security Office
Pris: Max 900 kr/tim
Trygg Hansa is currently redesigning their datacentre and network infrastructure.
You will do an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure including:
  • LAN
  • WAN
  • Datacentre
  • Network security
With the purpose of exploring possible solutions and describe a target network architecture that fulfills the following requirements:
  • A “simplified”, flexible and scalable infrastructure (LAN, WAN, security).
  • A secure infrastructure that provides adequate segmentation of users, devices & roles.
  • A cost-efficient solution in terms of funding and time as well as implementation and operation.
Codan/Trygg Hansa is especially interested in the possibility of using SD-LAN and SD-WAN.
This assignment may be prolonged after 18 March 2019.
The infrastructure
The Codan/Trygghansa infrastructure is based in the Nordic region covering two primary offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm, 35 minor locations spread across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, as well as three data centres. The infrastructure is primarily based on Checkpoint, Cisco and Citrix products and a couple of minor vendors.
The right candidate has the following characteristics:
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in Danish and/or Swedish is preferred, otherwise English is a requirement.
  • Ability to have a holistic approach to infrastructure as well as knowing the important details.
  • Good documentation skills.
  • Ability to challenge Codan/Trygghansa based on professional opinion, but with an open mind to new/different solutions.
  • Knowledge about and/or experience with:
    • Primarily
      • Cisco ISE (802.1X and similar)
      • Network Architecture
      • Network Security
      • LAN and SD-LAN
      • WAN and SD-WAN
      • Vendor agnostic
    • Secondarily
      • Cloud Architecture
      • VMware NSX
      • Software Defined DataCenter (SDDC)
      • Wireless network
Skicka CV (engelskt), motivering och pris till senast fredag 8 februari.
Eventuella frågor tas med Helen Kjellman, 070-467 95 63