Roll: Systemtekniker
Omfattning: 50%
Uppdragstid: 2019-03-01 – 2019-05
Placeringsort: Solna
Server consolidation
  • Moving various data and applications from old physical and virtual servers (Win 2003 / Win 2008) to virtual Windows 2018 machines.
  • It’s a background task meaning that we don’t’ have any users ‘waiting for something to be ready’, we can control the speed.
    • It’s not immediately urgent since it must completed before end of this year due to Windows 2008 end of lifetime early 2020.
  • Moving data and applications will though require communication and coordination with users and data owners.
  • Working on Windows servers (in administrator role)
  • Installation and configuration of applications
  • Internet Information Services (application installation and configuration, including DNS and SSL certificates)
  • SQL server (usage)
  • Communication skills in English (verbal and written)
Helix implementation
  • The amount of work is depending on the progress or usage in GTS and Quality. (more use of the tool will give more change requests and updates, so it will not be one big chunk of work but several smaller updates)
  • A lot of the work requires focused implementation/testing (not suitable on a day with a lot of other ad-hoc tasks)
  • General IT knowledge (Most implementation in Helix is made with “high-level admin” (not coding but using prepared functions to program the applications) which anyone with IT skill could learn)
  • Basic HTML programming
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