Roll:  Agile Coach
Omfattning:  40.00 h/v heltid
Uppdragstid:  17-Jun-2019 – 31-Dec-2019
Placeringsort:  Malmö
Prisbild:  750 kr/h
Om uppdraget:
Description – Tasks (not limited to):
1. Support the management team develop and scale the agile way of working, build an agile culture and develop servant leadership skills.
2. Basic training of all participants, incl why we are changing to agile way of working and what we can achieve by it.
3. Motivate the teams (with your burning passion for agile development).
4. Support scrum masters by e.g. act as scrum master for each team their first sprint and facilitate scrum of scrums
5. Support the teams by e.g. facilitating each team’s sprint planning, daily scrum, retrospective, backlog refinement session etc.
6. Help the teams find a good way of estimating and definition of done.
7. Support product owner and (educate) their stakeholders as well as project managers.
8. Be present in the everyday work and support and coach scrum masters, product owners and project managers.
Requirements:Competence and experience: 
Having acted as an agile coach before, implemented agile way of working in some other company of similar size. Bring examples from other companies.
Experience from agile development in both projects and LoB development.
Experience from organisations with a complex system landscape with many dependencies and a combination of old and new applications. Preferably modern online platform with an old back end.Personal: 
Must be swedish speaking and onsite in Stockholm or Malmoe.
Be hands-on and capable of handling tasks on all levels.
Must be capable of working with the teams and handle their detailed questions rather than explain things for the Trygg-Hansa management team.
Must be capable of discussing agile principles/application with team managers in the business
Skicka CV, pris och motivering till senast 5/6
Eventuella frågor tas med Eva Grim, 070-329 93 46