Roll:  Data Architect or Data Business Analyst
Omfattning:  40h/v
Uppdragstid:  07-Oct-2019 – 31-Dec-2019
Placeringsort: Primärt Stockholm, sekundärt (eventuellt) Malmö
Om uppdraget:  
1. Data architecture experience, both from a pure data perspective and the technology supporting the it, moving and transforming the data
2. Experience from working with, or deep knowledge of their offerings, the major players in the data market
3. Trends in the data market, future data platforms
4. Deep knowledge in the area of using data to provide and enable business value
5. Ability to evaluate how to link data capabilities fo business capabililites
6. Knowledge in cloud
7. If possible, experience from similar implementations in other companies
8. Deep understanding och data integration and data transfer services
9. Deep understanding of data catalog services
10. Experience from working with data from a capabilities perspective
11. Big Data knowledge
12. Understanding of the concept Advanced Analytics
13. Data lineage knowledge
14. Data governance tooling
1. Analytical mindset
2. Able to gather information independently and condense the information to insights
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